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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 7, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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how should we move on board, eight years and almost 800 deaths later? >> it is one that the president takes seriously and one that the president is going to use his time to get right. >> the white house has stressed that withdrawal is not an option and is now debating the recommendation of general stanley mcchrystal to add 40,000 troops, getting plenty of attraction. >> he is the commander in the field. >> new polling shows 65% of those questioned feel the fight in afghanistan is worthwhile, but only 38% of that same group believe that the u.s. will be successful eliminating the terrorists. eight years after these words -- >> the united states military has begun strikes against the al qaeda terrorist training camps. we will not waver, we will n tire, we will not falter, and we
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will not fail. >> there are still countless questions on where we stand and what paths we take from here. another one of those high-level meetings is scheduled next week, although the president's decision on a strategy is not expected until the end of the month, possibly early november. at the pentagon, scott thuman, abc 7 news. the war in afghanistan, one of the longest wars and american history. in perspective, we have been in afghanistan almost as long as we were in vietnam, the longest in american history. the civil war lasted for years, world war ii, six years. a local family is mourning the loss of army specialist steven mace, killed during a massive taliban assault over the weekend and afghanistan. >> his future could have been limited. >> the mayor of the town has
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ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of maize, the town's the first person to give his life fighting in afghanistan. his youngest brother enlisted in the army to follow and his brother's footsteps. he will report for active duty after the funeral october 19. the latest on the debate over health care reform, the congressional budget office expects health care legislation to cost $829 billion of the next 10 years and expand health care to 94% of eligible americans. an estimated $81 billion reduction over 10 years and the budget deficit. finding the swine flu vaccine may prove difficult. how officials say there will be enough supply to meet demand, but not right now -- how officials say there will be enough supply to meet demand, but not right now. the only a fraction of the doses have been delivered.
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ever does it responders, hlth- care workers, and high risk groups are among the first to get the vaccine. high winds caused problems around the metro area, ripping a branch of a tree and throwing it into a springfield home. a woman inside of the house was not injured. another tree blocked the roadway in northwest washington, and also played a factor in a town house fire. doug hill has the weather forecast. >> the good news from the bell ford furniture weather center, the wind is diminishing. -- the good news from the belfort furniture weather center, the wind is diminishing. six under 50 weather stations, we went into the data base -- 650 weather stations, went into the data base, upper marlboro, 50 mop or wind gusts, wtop radio, 48 m.p.h. winds gust.
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these are the highest within the past hour. they are still up there, but not that level. 37 m.p.h. a wind gust in damascus. through the evening, the temperatures are fairly mild, but they will get chilly. here are the key words, the wind diminishes overnight. more on what to expect for the weekend coming up. a southeast d.c. school is on edge among a series of violent incidents. the police arrested 11 teenaged boys after a large fight inside ballou high school. this follows another fight and other arrests last week. the young victim of that attack has not been back at school cents. the school administrators called several parents and told them to pick up their children before school was out for the sake of their safety. >> they need help. these kids cannot even go to school. i cannot keep leaving my job to
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get these kids. >> how did these kids get into the school to jump my son? >> the police to close the roads leading to blow high school -- to ballou high school to prevent drive-by shootings. more payroll prlems for a security company. many have reported they still have not been paid after repeatedly being told that their checks were ready. the attorney general said the irs has put a $4 million lien on the company and also 0 the district government money. before the workers can be paid, the department of labor, the irs, and the district need to figure out who owes what to whom. things are back to normal on the metro red line after repairs. since the accident, metro trains have been slowing down or a single-tracking near the fort totten station. work continues on track
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circuits used, and silver spring metro stations. more than money may have motivated a cbs producer who tried to extort money from david letterman. >> practical applications on letterman. >> practical applications on your energy biur ene
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what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record? the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda... and the post confirmed that he voted to deny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdoell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. captioned by the national captioning institute
6:09 pm david letterman is under fire from the national organization for women. members say they are outraged by the revelation that he was having affairs with staffers, including his assistant. as the debate continues, the legal case is well underway. sources say the alleged suspect, joe halderman, used pages from a diary to attempt to blackmail the show's host. if lisa nowak's attorneys get their way, she will face only two criminal charges. she is accused of driving from texas to florida to confront a romantic rival and had suspicious items in her car, including roads and pepper spray. she is charged with attempted kidnapping and battery assault.
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her attorneys say that the pepper spray is not a serious weapon and was not used. nowak goes on trial in december. helen keller has taken her place in history at the u.s. capitol building. this is the first statute at the capital of a person with disabilities. the statue portrays helen kelle as a child, with her hands under a water pump, depicting the moment in her life when her teacher wrote the word "water" into ehr other hand. she went on to become an inspiration as eight author for the disabled. -- as an author for the disabled. doug hill is back with the weather forecast. >> the redskins' new coach was
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at the park today, and it was interesting everyone's take on that deal. up and defending world champions go out of the blocks in a hurry.
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college students from around country are working on ways to make the home more energy efficient and save money. >> they are bringing their ideas to life on the national mall. >> for the next 10 days, the national mall in washington will host a unique international competition that is designed to help the planet's environment. >> solar energy is free. >> 20 universities are vying to win at the 2009 solar decathlon. their mission, design and build an innovative solar-powered home. >> it emulates the idea of light entering a home. >> they will be judged on everything from books to engineering to efficiency. the cutting edge condition
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involves an ip that controls everything in the house. >> from the lighting to the entertainment to the music. >> organizers say it routinely and spires technological advances that could eventually lower energy costs for consumers. what these students are learning in this outdoor lab could save us money what reducing energy usage. >> what the future of the electric industry, solar and wind will be a big piece of it. these technologies will be to renewables in the future. >> the competition goes through thursday, which is the same day that this spectacular contest is open to the public. the district tops the list for best museums and historical sites. a survey it ranked d.c. number one for museums, historical sites, and monuments. who would have guessed? if it is crazy parties that you
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are after, d.c. is not the placed. the district came in last for a best for a wild weekend category. everything was rated from restaurants to shopping and cultural attractions. >> obviously, the went to the wrong neighborhoods. we had some wild wind today. >> very strong wind, and we are fortunate when it happened with the temperatures near 70 degrees. we start the coverage looking at the weather camera. right behind the building in arlington, looking down at the iwo jima memorial. the wind is a lot less than it was earlier. the wind advisory has expired. we are in good shape. the weatherbug network, checking all the spots, live information
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from all the data on the weather sites. the wind speed, gaithersburg, not for m.p.h. out of the west, a far cry from -- for m.p.h. out of the west, a far cry from earlier today. arlington, wind gust of the 39 m.p.h. bethesda, still breezy. generally, all the wind speed is coming down and will continue to diminished through the night. the temperatures today, mild, 75 and 65 high and low. the cold front to not come through until after sunrise. the average, 71 and 53. lots of the 60's locally, low seventies to the south. low 50's across pennsylvania, the very cool and dry weather. the moisture in the air, down in the 30's. most of the wind will coinue
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to subside, those close to 40 in the morning. near 90 degrees jacksonville. the cool, dry air will be the story tonig and tomorrow as the high pressure builds behind the cold front. off to the west, another system is developing. tomorrow, sunshine and pleasant. friday, sunshine early. the next door takes aim at us. increasg clouds friday afternoon, increasing. late night showers possible fraud, into midday saturday. scattered showers. -- late night showers possible friday, into midday saturday, scattered showers. crystal clear skies tonight, 40 degrees in the suburbs. 50 and the city, 68 midday, 73 in the afternoon. the next seven days? sunshine tomorrow, more on friday, the next cold front approaching, 80 degrees.
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clearing late saturday, beautiful sunday, more showers possible monday afternoon. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. so you are the head coach in the nfl, and they bring in another guy. how you react? >> you cannot feel happy. the redskins say that jim zorn gave his blessing. they say is just another set of eyes. all that said, sherman lewis was at redskins park today, and he will take a good hard look at the offense. >> i know when the routes are run right. i know the basic things it takes to be successful. i'm just hoping i can add to it. >> will i get all emotional about help?
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like a said earlier, -- like i said earlier, i cannot have so much pride in who i am and who i think i am that i cannot have an extra set of eyes. >> the west coast offense has not clicked, the receivers did not seem to create much celebrate separation. jason campbell has never looked comfortable. as a matter of fact, he is just not there with his timing and rhythm. the players say they are open to anything that helps. >> i think he will tell you what you need to do and this is what you do not want to do. when you get somebody who has been around the game long time, i think it will help. >> 2-2 with the redskins. the baseball postseason is under way. for the nationals, they are getting ready for next spring. when you compare what jim riggleman did after taking over, he manufactured more runs, less
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games, the nationals playing around 0.500 ball, ending with a seven-game win streak. will jim riggleman be back? >> he is one of the finalists to get the job. he did a great job for us. but we've got to do the diligence is what we owe the people of washington, d.c., to get the best and brightest in the dugout to lead us into the future. citizens bank park, rockies- phillies. howard rips a shot. that is trouble, everybody is running. utley will score. the world champions led 3-0. frozen rope to center field, he cannoget to it. howard's score is easily. the illies go on to beat the rockies, 5-1. a lot of people still
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talking about the capitals- flyers last night. ovechkin scored a couple of goals, but this was alexander semin. how about this? he spins, shoots, and scores, ties the game at 4-4. everything looked good. in ortime, the flyers on the attack, jammed in front, the rebound, the flyers and the capitals their first loss of the year. texas tech receiver michael crabtree, the 10th guy taken in the draft, has reached an agreement with the san francisco 49ers, six years, $32 million, $17 million guarantee. >> jim riggleman one of the finalists. >> vote of confidence. the d.c. fire department is equipped to save more than just people.
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first responders are more prepared to help cats and dogs. the oxygen for life company has donated 11 pet oxygen masks to the d.c. fire department also taught a pet first-aid class to the first responders. >> isn't that nice? >> we like that. what is the latest?
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>> the sun is setting. clearing skies, diminishing wind. the temperatures, 40 degrees in the morning in the suburbs. about 50 degrees in town. it will be pleasant in the morning. bright, sunny day expected to more. >> abc world news is coming up next >> abc world news is coming up next
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welcome to "world news." tonight, cities in fear. in two of america's largest cities, children plagued by fear of going to school and people who fear being left out in the cold.


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